The East Devon Community Race Series

This series links a number of multi-terrain races organised by village communities and other organisations within and close to the borders of East Devon, albeit many of them in conjunction with AVR, to raise funds for themselves. The series is promoted and co-ordinated by Garry Perratt, chairman of AVR, to raise the profile of some excellent races in the area while also providing a bit of fun for runners endeavouring to outdo each other over a year's running.

Past year's series results and details of individual races can be found on our results page.


Performances are measured relative to the median time (middle finisher), then scaled according to age and gender via formulae approximating to the age-gradings from tables issued by WAVA (the World Association of Veteran Athletes):

score = median_time / your_time * age-factor * 100%

The middle finisher gets 100% raw (ungraded) points and the winner about 140%. After scaling vets have more points and seniors the same. This may seem a bit complicated but positions obviously aren't comparable between races with different numbers of runners, and percentage of winning time is very sensitive to which particular speed merchants happen to turn up.

Note that the updated 2015 tables are used from 2017 which gives some groups of people (e.g. children and older ladies) slightly fewer points. Most of the order of overall scorers from previous years doesn't change with the new tables i.e. Eleanor Wood still wins the last few years, just not quite so convincingly!

Team scores are computed from the average (mean) percentage age-graded positions so is a measure of the performance of the entire team rather than just the first few. It's not perfect but then nor's the age-grading! At least five runners are required for a team to score.

2017's races (provisional)

All are undulating or hilly. Only the main, longer races at events with more than one actually count for the series but most have a shorter race as well.

  1. Axmouth Challenge (10m on 8 Jan).
  2. Dalwood Three Hills Challenge (10m on 26 Feb).
  3. Kilmington Kanter (7m on 14 Apr).
  4. Beer Blazer (6m on 7 May).
  5. Umborne Ug (6m on 3 Jun).
  6. Mrs E's Wheeze (6m possibly on 16 Jul).
  7. Dalwood Fayre 10K (Aug?)
  8. Stockland Scamper (6m on 24 Sep).
  9. Minster Challenge (8m possibly in Oct).
  10. Yarcombe Yomp (10m possibly on 4 Nov).

The best five results will count.

The Talaton Trotter won't take place in 2017.