East Devon Way Relay

9am Sunday 9th June, 2019

Teams of 2-6 running the 39 miles and 5,000' ascent in 12 legs along the inland East Devon Way from Exmouth to Lyme Regis.

The EDW is well-waymarked for the most part but there will be no additional marking. Maps and a GPS track are available upon request. We also have route notes from the previous running of this event in 2010 & 11 but which haven't been updated for some small recent changes in the route.

Unmarshalled, self-timed, no entry fee, no prizes.

We expect the fastest teams to take about 41/2 hours and the slowest 7-8 hours.

Contact Garry Perratt via the contact page if you would like to enter a team (limit of 20).

Changes from previous years

Legs 1/2 & 2/3 changeovers: Hulham Road and Four Firs instead of just Lympstone Common (avoids long first two legs).

Leg 3 route: The East Devon Way has formally been diverted to remain east of the B3180 on Woodbury Common, skirting Woodbury Castle. (This permissive route avoids the crossing the road twice.)

Leg 11/12 changeover: Woodhouse Lane instead of Bulmoor Cross and Uplyme.

Leg 12 route: The EDW ends at the Devon-Dorset border at Uplyme Mill from where the last leg will follow the River Lym directly down to Lyme Regis clock tower (roughly following the Wessex Ridgeway/Liberty Trail instead of climbing up over Dragon's Hill). The finish along the prom to the Cobb Arms is the same as before.


These are the changeover locations, parking notes, leg distances (miles) and climbs (feet).

Leg Route Distance Ascent Descent Change
1 Start (outside Exmouth leisure centre by Imperial Road car park) to Hulham Road. 3.3 300 100 +200
2 Hulham Road to Four Firs (car park off road heading east of the crossroads). 3.3 500 300 +200
3 Four Firs to Joney's Cross (car park off lane just south of A3052 - very tight entry). 3.6 400 400 0
4 Joney's Cross to Harpford (lane t-junction; park carefully). 2.9 200 600 -400
5 Harpford to White Cross (road crossing directly on EDW or car park very slightly to west). 2.7 800 0 +800
6 White Cross to Hatway Hill (track-lane junction; park carefully). 3.1 600 700 -100
7 Hatway Hill to Money Acre Cross (forestry entrance layby). 3.9 700 600 +100
8 Money Acre Cross to Northleigh church (road outside church). 2.8 200 700 -500
9 Northleigh to Chantry Bridge, Colyton (road by bridge; caution). 3.5 100 400 -300
10 Chantry Bridge to Golden Hind, Musbury (road outside pub). 3.3 100 100 0
11 Golden Hind to Woodhouse Lane (track-lane junction; park carefully). 3.3 900 400 +500
12 Woodhouse Lane to Lyme Regis (outside Cobb Arms at the bottom of Cobb Road; Monmouth Beach car park 100m to west; Holmbush car park at top of Cobb Road). 3.1 100 700 -600
13 Beer and/or chips on the beach!

Total distances for each member of teams of various sizes running sequentially are as follows:

Team of 2: 20.3 + 18.5.

Team of 3: 13.4 + 12.1 + 13.3.

Team of 4: 9.5 + 9.7 + 10.8 + 8.8.

Team of 6: 7.2 + 6.1 + 7.1 + 6.2 + 6.0 + 6.2.


Be safe, be sensible and don't be a prat.

This is a conventional relay (rather than a stage race) with changeover by touch except at the main road crossings where changeover is by voice.

Runners can do any combination of legs (separate or back-to-back), can run legs together, and need not all do the same number of legs. Essentially, anything goes as long as a virtual baton is carried sequentially along the whole route by runners doing complete legs.

Park with due regard to road conditions and any nearby residents, and take care when parked on the edge of roads.

Treat other road and path users with respect and follow the Countryside Code.

Changeovers at main roads (2 Hulham Road, 4 Joney's Cross and 11 Musbury) may be by the incoming runner gesturing at the outgoing one waiting on the opposite side of the road in order not to be held up by traffic. The gesture may be physical (e.g. wave) or verbal (e.g. "Go, go go!").