In Memory of Future Heroics

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 1994.

Here it is - the calling : Grizzly 1994
the race you've not been waiting for.
The all-time chance set your running free
beyond all grand illusions of identity.
Wail not in fear of cursed walls
instead push gently at the tantalising door,
access to that endless, pebbled shore
of ageless indivisibility.
Run on, run on - until the mind can take no more,
through swirling clouds of insane mirth
glimpses of a deep sky-mind unknowing
yet grounded still with mother Earth :
chaos patterns, cyclic re-birth
gossamer answers on the wind a-blowing.
Together (On-On) in seamless gratitude
our shadows and our dreams unite
beyond all didactic platitude
and agonies of mortal plight.
Dissolve your fear in fields of Zoroastran light
submit - in praise, to Gaian life and breath
beyond those masks of transient death
- to know in every moment pure and sure
that you have passed this way before.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you always be courageous
when the winds of fortune shift
May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
and may you stay - FOREVER YOUNG.

There's trauma in those deadly Hillocks
where the natives fear to roam
through storms of grief and wreck and reef
those many miles from home.
Yet, there in swirling vortex bright
an eye of calm to quell your fright
- to guide you on the jewelled path of eight-fold right.
Run on, run on - past un-tolled bells
survivors of this Axemen's hell
you children of the 'Beetle's band
lonely hearts across the sand.
On, in blissful running trance
transcendent, flowing, formless dance.
On, past butterflies that float and sting
great Grizzly dissipater of all moving things.
On, through shady dale and sodden bog
-to live and feel your core once more
the one, the only, wild and woolly
mammoth; mystical;
Magical Memory Jog.

© Dave Kelf, 1994