Run The Light Fantastic

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 1997.

They came, and kept coming
wave after wave of them
surging all along the coast.
Endless lines of them,
warriors of a Grizzly peace
breaking their bodies
on the shoreline of exhilaration,
escaping from the impoverishment of our time,
releasing their spirits
into realms of harmony and beauty
that we may all be treasured forever
in the vaults of Unity.

And in the sky -
hanging above them
iridescent clouds of hope
gently descending upon the Earth
to envelop and refresh us;
wash away the fearful tribulations
of all our questing.

Into the Light they surged
carrying it with them - unstoppably.
Shadows quivered and melted
before them
shafted by the brilliance
of their determination.

All is, in an instant, broken and renewed
All is re-arisen
and the All is, as it ever was, One.
For an endless moment, out of time,
the One is experienced, recognised
and K-NOW-N
in Her in-dwelling - everywhere.
Run on, run on
into the eye of deepest silence
into the heart of the Lotus
into Oblivion.

© Dave Kelf, 1997