Down in the Grizzly Groove

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2000.

The Grizzly path is rarely what it seems
for some the Way of Broken Dreams
others find a barren track
and meet themselves a-coming back.
For angels of the the Grizzly host
there is an elemental crack
glimpses of a beckoning hand
waving....ever on-wards over crunching strand
a journey of surrender by jurassic roller-coaster
out of time (and mind) and distance
where finally there's no resistance
to those laughing Axe-men ghosts
....who offer suffering for free,
unknowing clouds and perspiration beads
....and entry to the gallery of whispering sighs
where ranks of running spirits never die
and hope eternal shines from dark, unfathomable eyes.

The way is hard, the Way is All
so who are we to disapprove
cast adrift yet bound together ever since that mythic Fall
figures hewn beyond all care or doubt
down, but never counted out
deep within the ancient Grizzly groove.

We made a vow, a Grizzly pact
to run this world of dust and fact
to find the cross-road choice in every step
forget the self and fully comprehend
that death is not a tragic end
but just a revolution for the running-soul
a turning of the resurrection wheel
to bring her home and make her whole.
We made a vow to stick together
through the very worst of Grizzly weather
mud and cliff and miles of trail
beyond all dark and whiter shades of pale
'til finally we come to understand
the One whose sleight of hand
has built, with light, this living land.

The way is hard, the Way is All
the way is never smooth
there is a secret door within the parish wall
through which we reach a solid peace
a guarantee of race release
deep within the ancient Grizzly groove.

May you hear the Grizzly song forever faintly sung
may you beacon out your Being until all your inner seeing
tells you, now and always, that you are ..... Forever Young.


With deep appreciation to that maestro of words, Bob Dylan.
He has been there. Listen, he is in the groove too. But has he got the T-shirt?

© Dave Kelf, 2000