The Inner-Space Race

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2001.

Over cliffs and beaches, bogs and fields
running hard-on-self until the body yields
revealing boundlessness - lying deep and quiet within.
Here a one-ness smile for all creation
sustaining long-endurance hearts,
and togetherness that cannot know its unrelated parts.

Over many hurdles that confront the runner's world
the spirit battles on, is gradually unfurled
and, as it shines across the furrowed scene,
a flowing chi re-fuels the runner's coastal dream.
The tension of the anxious quest
subsides from brow and throbbing breast.

Deeper into inner space the mind explores
launched by a thousand single steps, confined by Nature's ancient laws,
the grizzly runner strides with grace - to know for sure
that he, immortally, shall find the perfect pace for ever-more
- beyond the dualistic frame of turmoil-mind
a lasting peace - surpassing understanding and pain of every kind.

The outer athlete cracks the whip
the inner runner weaves the pattern of a death-defying trip
and when the finish banner comes in sight
many friends discover common joy-fullness and aprez-race delight.
Relief and pain surge and mingle with exhausted pride
survivors of the shingle, their ravaged minds at last untied.

Their inner shining glows abroad
leaving far behind all vestiges of ego-fraud.
The body may be crushed and bruised, but destiny is not refused
the runner and their constant friend - the ever-loving muse,
speak thrustingly of evolutionary soul and never-daunted verve,
thus succeed by unimagined effort, apocalyptic humour and a daring nerve.

The ardent muse : the shadow voice of inspiration
driving ever OMwards through all wonder-fields of hazy perspiration,
running with you - side by side and hand in hand
she is the light by which the world is known - in every tiny grain of sand.
With her elemental guidance sought and found, known and trusted,
this grizzly running odyssy has, once more, been well and truly busted.

© Dave Kelf, 2001