Our Running Heritage

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2003.

Whispering through the galleries of boundless mind
all the words we need travel with us,
inner friends - echoing along the less frequented path
their life; one of joy and grace and mirth
that such a simple hiding place
be so over-looked from birth
in the frenzy of this worldly race.

In winding spirals we are gentle spun
from, and into, who we truly are;
runners of eternity from far-off galaxies and stars,
metaphors in flesh, acting out a greater Dreamer's parallel desire.
We remain; souls - enduring
through repetitious epochs of burning ice and freezing fire
until we reach our nowhere home
via countless lives of semi-conscious learning.

So, when we run amidst the chasms and the peaks
forgetful of the end we seek
forgetful that the journey is our means,
that every step fulfils our dreams
not only is our heritage the outer world of Nature's beauty
but perfection in our balanced stride
once attained, eliminates all fear and doubt
that a vaster, subtler heritage lies within and not without.

As running angels
chosen from the pack of souls
to counter-bluff the sword of Damocles
that hangs, by flimsy thread, above our striving
that, by subtle subterfuge, leads us to the trinity of wholeness
we begin to merge the outer heritage
with all the worlds that dwell within
that keep us on the Way of ways
as we wander, unknowing, through the celebration
of our short, and ever-shortening, cloud-enshrouded days.

May we never from this calling stray
yet discover that we are, ourselves, the seeker's Way
un-differentiated in celestial Light
that keeps us running strong and bright
in certainty that our decisions - left and wrong, are absolutely right.
May we all become - ever more and more aware
that comradeship is much, much deeper
than that sleeping mirage hung in oceanic blue
of a separate-me, survivor-you.

In re-cognition of evolving thought
the paradigm is slowly realigned
becoming 'That' you are, therefore 'I am' too
and love for all
is the energy that holds us true
and brings us to the staging post
where less and less are finally upheld as most.

By conscious choice and clarity of voice
we consummate this gathered space.
In unity, eternity, zero and infinity
we are stretched across dissolving frontiers
towards the essence of our purity - our hOMecOMing;
a place beyond all time and measure
where, running stride for stride, with our timeless, inner heritage
we relentlessly unlock unbounded emptiness
in brimming chests of selfless treasure.

© Dave Kelf, 2003