Stunning Running

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2004.

Running, running
  across the great divide
  that separates us from ourselves
- through scenery as stunning
as any that be-decks
the outer whorls.

Running, running
  we light the path
  for others on the Trail
through mist and fire
- above temptation, beyond Desire
the dedication of the soul

Running, running
  through exhaustion,
  eternities of Peace
we reach a place of quiet release
where countless infinities
  in ever-lasting Grace.

Running, running
  where Such-ness obliterates
  the struggle to remain
and Beauty
states Her irrefutable claim
to ALL that IS
  in radiating, un-spoken Name.

Running, running
  driven by a higher Will
  and resonating memories of stony thought
we are dissolved by Her ambidextrous skill
until there is only a shining hOMe
and rest
  in realms of nought
  where everything is (sensationally) still.

Running, running
  this journey of devotion
  through labyrinths of imagination
we eventually Surrender
our identity, persuasion, attachments and gender
to these moments of ecstasy and comradeship
  that dwell with unexpected purity
  at the summit of our final, lasting elation
    our unambiguous destination.

© Dave Kelf, 2004