The Grizzly Labyrinth

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2005.

Disarmed by charmed fraternity and level station
these Grizzly comrades grace the trackless way ahead
their compulsion : a deeper, further exploration
of the effort-realms ? endurance, breath and tread.
Roused to revelry by every stride and fathomless thought
the throng becomes a weaving, waving celebration
that is, and nothing less, this rugged, Grizzly sport
of running labyrinth paths around a Himalayan beacon
    that radiates both everything and nought.

Away across the pebbled shore of time
the virgin path of dreams and broken chains
where the need for answers, symmetry and rhyme
is lost in an un-winding journey about magnetic, still remains.
Lost and found and lost again in spaces empty save of light and dust
where patterned worlds revolve and shine
within the curved celestial bowl, the blackened starlit crust
That is the cup of hands in which, eventually,
    we place our soul with an act of ancient trust.

Thus the pulsing, golden thread unwinds but never, ever breaks
the snaking runners all, as One, Become and then Belong
so no-one can escape for piousness or pity?s sake.
And every tiny step is worthy, resolute and strong
?til Ariadne?s heroes of the mythologic maze
return refreshed and humble in Mother Mystery?s wake
having spun the flying zeroes out of Nature?s dazzling ways
from formless Self to stainless world ? trailing clouds of blazing glory
    - to craft the endless story-book of crazy, racing days.

© Dave Kelf, 2005