Scenery With A Sting

One of the Dungbeetle's Grizzly poems for 2006.

You are togetherness; massed, anxious and awaiting
breathing slow and easy from that well-spring deep inside.
You are the unknown territory beyond the garden-gate
and NOW you stand surrendered to all memory and fate;
a silent tribute, for a moment - outside time and tide.

You are the wave of celebration
as one, in ONE, upon the open shore.
Your mind is tuned with absent concentration
to hear again the soaring lark-song of our Natural Law.

You are the brooding challenge that lies ahead
the beach, the mire, the over-arching hills.
Then you are the letting go
to lightly tread the softer paths by tumbling stream and grinding mill.

You are the miles, the signs, the sights and sounds
the chaotic flux of thoughts that come and go.
You are like some reckless, absconding hound
until the endless running seems to be the only thing you really, truly know.

You are the spaciousness of landscape; earth and sky
you are all comrades too, the animals, the trees and birds.
This tangled blend is ALL and you are flying high
on healing suchness and the original, unbroken words.

On and On by stumbling step
you are exhaustion, fire and stormy weather.
One half of you - simply needs to stop,
the other half just dreams - to run, and run, forever.

You are the Olympic spirit
that has scaled all Himalayan heights .
You are both the softest water and the hardest grit
born of ancient stardust, bred of living light.

You are your yin-assertion
half-balanced on your feet
you are your yang-like yielding
the end of all resistance and your ultimate retreat.

You are the Daoist journey, the WAY and destination
you know the end is just another starting point.
You are a breathless stillness and a spectrum of sensation
a nomad - resting, far beyond the pain in every aching joint.

You are the witness to your fitness
upon a blameless stage.
You are the Phoenix that arises
from the debris of your cage.

You are your weakness and your pride
Knowing well 'all manner of subtle thing'.
You are the warrior who cried
'I AM' and 'I refuse to be denied
THAT pure experience of freedom, and scenery with a sting'.

© Dave Kelf, 2006