Armageddon Shipwrecked

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2007.

Beyond the horizon, beyond all care
running survivors of wreck and despair
beyond the horizon, beyond retribution
fluid as any cleansing solution
your running is nothing but running repairs.
Come forth I keep calling, but Armageddon NowHere.

Beyond the horizon the soul is laid bare
your strength is undone but never your flair
beyond the horizon, beyond all remorse
your endurance is perfectly par for the course
your stamina-badge you proudly wear.
ON OM I keep chanting, but Armageddon NoWhere.

Beyond the horizon we bask in the glare
of That with which there is nought to compare
beyond the horizon theres only the rose
more secret and fragrant than you can suppose
a mystery more open than the door over there.
I implore you - BE more than yourself, but Armageddon NowHere.

Beyond the horizon with the clouds of the air
running on empty but much more aware
beyond the horizon transcending your doubt
I am free, I am One you happily shout
as you run from the place where justice is fair
and I AM the eye that looks on, but still Armageddon NoWhere.

Beyond the horizon, the wind in your hair
everything points to That which we share
beyond the horizon running with ease
through the eye of the needle you easily squeeze
trailing your glory, nameless and rare.
But I am the thread and Armageddon NowHere.

Beyond the horizon, so far and so clear
a runner, a shadow, a parchment, a tear
beyond the horizon where nothing has labels
where nothings not empty, just like the stable
through the darkness thats naked and bare
I search and Im found, but Armageddon NoWhere.

Beyond the horizon BE what you dare
running the pathways with nothing to spare
beyond the horizon where you are released
to run and recover, to fast and to feast
through the chasms and canyons of Merlins dark lair
where echos my voice that Armageddon NowHere.

Beyond the horizon with the round and the square
geometry sacred as crystal glassware
beyond the horizon my call to give thanks
to be out at the front yet secure in the ranks
a haze of becoming in the suns blinding glare
improbably conscious that still Armageddon NoWhere.

Beyond the horizon where stars disappear
beyond the horizon that shimmers so near
our journey is ONwards with hope and with tears
where always the choice is love over fear.
Together we move in the Now and the Here
you are beside me but still Armageddon NowHere.

Beyond the horizon in the rarest of air
beyond the horizon the white doves declare
you are the dust and you are the light
you sway to the left and you shift to the right
you are shattered yet whole, a wreck of a bear.
At last, in the twilight, I and my shadow may be geddon somewhere.

© Dave Kelf, 2007