Armageddon Again

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2008.

Onward - running over thresholds of shingle
a thousand colourful souls mix and mingle.
This is the Grizzly "point of no return"
where the return comes in proportion to how you stretch and learn
as you listen to that echoing refrain
tran-sporting you through those pearly portals - of Armageddon aGain.

Onward - over the ever-forgiving land
her softness cradling all of your demands
her hardness softened at the very edges
by your endless "running and becoming" knowledge.
Just listen to that echoing refrain
as a thousand hardy souls proclaim - "Armageddon aGain".

Onward - men and women of every faith and none
those who have done it all; those who have only just begun
together they are One family, One living, breathing creature
pitting its wits against the contours of Mother Nature
listening to that echoing refrain
as it insonifies the landscape chambers - of Armageddon aGain.

Onward - to the place where you began
pilgrims of the awesome Grizzly clan
trailing clouds of glory each and all
to the hOMeland of the beating heart re-called
by the constancy of that echoing refrain
a thousand voices singing - "Armageddon aGain, Armageddon aGain".

Onward - on a journey spiralling nowhere
through exhaustion and repair
through determination and despair
where nothing is the number and everything is bare
yet still there comes that echoing refrain
as if you are the sound itself - of Armageddon aGain.

Onward - onward, never looking back
your are yourself the struggle, the joyfulness, the track
where keeping going is the only task
where everything explains itself and there is no need to ask
"what is the meaning of that echoing refrain ?"
because you are the music of your ecstasy, your pain
you are your Be-ing and your nameless name
your final blessed victory.

© Dave Kelf, 2008