By Trail and Tribulation 1

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2009.

Welcome friends of old and yesterwhen
comrades of the Lion's Den
you runners of the Grizzly trail
you seekers of the wholly grail
all brethren : virgin youth and ageless sages
re-discovering yourself by masochistic stages
knights and maidens, beggars, thieves
searching for your self-belief
amongst the debris of your thoughts
the tangled flotsam of your exploits
you run; you run
until the running does it by itself
and you become your perfect self :
a passenger in crescent boat
a wisp of rhyme in hollow throat
you run along a twisting path
surrendered to you wholesome half
through darkness darker than a forest's ghostly laugh
lit only by a simple candle flame
that comforts those who choose to roam
and never doubt their harvest-home,
beyond all masks of senseless blame
a journey for the brave and lame;
you are the light that guides a restless mind
through exhaustion at its most refined
you are, and then you're not
a pilgrim that the church forgot.
And then, it stops
in sudden Peace
the prize is glory and release
stillness blurred with sacrifice
enough to satisfy the wise
free in freedom's endless space
bound by gratitude, relief and grace.
And then, in praise
the Muse conveys Her silent declaration
with an over-flowing cup of celebration
you are anointed "Innocent, Transient and Magnificent"
a Grizzly emissary for life
conquistador of storm and strife
- by Trail and Tribulation.

© Dave Kelf, 2009