Take Me - to "The Beauty and the Beach"

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2010.

Take me -
  take me there upon the shore
  take me 'til I am no more.
Overtake me,
  Undertake me,
take me at the shingle's edge
  that I may honour all that I have pledged.
Take me to that realm of light
  where I am almost out of sight,
  where the running dissipates itself,
  where the beginning and the end are One
  and there, dis-solve me to the faintest, homeopathic trace
  touch me with your gift of grace.

Free as sunlight, free as air
released from fear I'm almost there
taken on the wings of Love
with all who've ever run and laughed with me
with all who've shared my ancient Grizzly insubstantiality.

Yes, take me -
  take me there upon the beach
  that no-mans land
  where suffering and happiness hold hands
  before some over-knowing gaze,
  where time and tide and wreckage
  weave their cyclic ways,
  where history exposes life's inevitable decay.

This is where I wish to die
  but only to my worldly self
  and thence to soar as bird in sky
  to places where nobility is not denied.

Gone to Beauty,
  gone to dust
  held in light and holy Trust.
  Gone away above the clouds
  laughing with my friends; out loud.
Bathed in effort's after-glowing Peace
high above the beach of pure release.

Thus, One with shifting Such-less Beauty
One with all that ever was;
all the stories, all the roses
all the songs of sweet repose.
All the stars in an endless sky
and all the oceans' deepest cries.
Ever on to innocence my friend
carried by the dance of nought and one
around and round our inner treasure chest
but now as host and not the guest;
All, together, shining brightly at the rainbow's end.

© Dave Kelf, 2010