A Grizzly Celebration (25 years of "Running at the Edge")

One of the Dungbeetle's Grizzly poems for 2012

Out, beyond all ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing
there lies - a field
... and a cliff, a river, a bog, a wood, a beach
... and - an escarpment!
I will meet you there
and everywhere
- in the fire and the water, the dust and the air.
And so; it has come to this:
a moment of celebration
a moments run-time bliss
a sort of adult graduation
in the ways of deep affiliation
to some ecstatic Grizzly kiss.

A kiss that kindles fire
a tryst that ignites our souls
that runs us to the wire
and, far beyond the row of desolation,
finally dis-solving us
hOMe again and whole.

Yes, it has come to this:
a stillness of the heart,
a flame of ancient rhyme
that speaks of affirmation
and deeds of utter willingness
to share a perfect comradeship
in, and out, of Grizzly Dream-time.

The land, the sea, the sky
the realms of gratitude and praise
all unite beneath our tread
beyond the fearsomeness of "why?".
By now we know so very well
the ways of inner running
that have sculpted us
from weakness and endeavour
and restored us from the world of definition,
measurement and spread
to simpler flows of energy and wellness-Being
in love and not in dread.

Yes, this is - a ritual blessing,
a reckless right of passage,
a shamanic act of pilgrimage
where every runner is a hero
suspended yet connected
by a secret, golden thread.

Yes, now it has come to this:
a selfless cause for which to strive
- a joint celebration,
like some ancient initiation
stretching past the miller's stone
marking twenty years and five.

Yes, here in gratitude we stand
as time, like trickling sand,
re-calls to mind
every single soul
who has passed this way before
be they living ones departed,
guardians of the heart
or running to stand still
by magic mirrored sea
forever young and free
prisoners no more
upon Albion's island shore.

© Dave Kelf, 2012