Grime and Punishment

One of the Dungbeetle's Grizzly poems for 2013.

Lock me up with all my friends
they say the means will justify the ends.
Lock me up and let me go
through bog and hollow, every day.
Lock me in this sunlit, bandit world
and throw the key away.
Lock me safe and lock me sound,
let's pretend that I am free
floating over solid ground
powerless to my hunter's destiny.

Running for my life
and running to stand still
hypnotised by toil and strife
please let me do it 'til I've had my fill,
found my archetypal wife.
Forgetting all I ever knew,
mesmerised by others' plans
I see the detail, not the view
and fall between convergent lines.

Send me through the sticky mire
with those of like insanity
that I may gaze a little higher
and dream of blind tranquillity.
I've done my time
I've forced the open door
for me the darkness is no more
I am upon the desert shore
where I have journeyed long before.
I have escaped, back to my home
to the very heart of silent sound
where rhyme and song reverberate around,
where wilderness abounds
and Nature's beauty roams once more.

© Dave Kelf, 2013