The Calling - to "Grin And Bear It"

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2016.

The calling is to share it

along the gruesome track,

the calling is to bear it

never looking back;

with Grizzly friends of every hue

the calling is to share it

amongst the many and the few,

the calling is to BE the very best of you.

There is the comradeship, the loneliness

the torment and the siren to renew,

the murmer that reminds us, to constantly pursue;

ahead - the line of runners snakes away from view.

The calling is to Faith

that all you have to do

is run for miles across the landscape

refreshed by morning dew.

The beach, the bog, the hills and tracks

the calling is to face yourself

and willingly relax.

The calling is to share it,

the calling is to bare it

beyond the world of so-called facts,

beyond the things that hold you back.

The calling Voice allows no choice

she demands your deft response.

The calling is your inner Friend

your partner in disguise,

the one who sculpts and blends

you back and forth,

to claim your survivor's prize.

The calling is from deep within

she sings the song of Unity,

she also performs the poem,

the poem of your duty.

The calling is the timeless bell

which rings the spell of Beauty

that many hear but few can tell.

The calling is to share it

with all your power of giving

to grin your truth and bear it

beyond all daily living.

The calling is to grin

like you’ve never grinned before.

The calling is to grin

along the pebbled, Grizzly shore.

The calling is erosion of your necessary fear

and, if you've half enjoyed it,

yet shed a Grizzly tear,

then why not come again next year

….. and grin a whole lot more.

© Dave Kelf, 2015