Pearl's a Stinger - for survivors everywhere

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2017.

Thirty years a-running across your country-scape of dreams
thirty years confronting exhaustion and despair
of living, and re-living, your roller-coaster ride
of letting go of inhibitions and selfish, self-survival schemes.
The Grizzly is your ecstasy, a route to reparation and repair,
an inner knowing that - Pearl is just a brutal stinger, however hard you tried.

Yes, "Pearl is just a Stinger", the silent Muse replied,
Yes, "Pearl is just a Stinger", a joy to consolidate your pride:
your emblem of endurance : "Pearl is just a Stinger",
who can always match you, stride for Grizzly stride.

(Your wonder is that "Pearl is just a Stinger", not to be denied,
your insight is that "Pearl is just a Stinger", who never leaves your side).

But you are not the one who's ever down or stung
instead a distant echo in a blazing, empty space
as you climb the endless ladder, rung by slippery rung,
as you approach the realm of peacefulness and holy, heartfelt grace
and know that you have always given all that can be traced.
For "Pearl is just a Stinger" who wanders here and there
who recognises worthiness and shelter from all worldly glare,
whose gratitude is boundless for survivors everywhere.

(Every swamp, bog and muddy track contains a pearl somewhere.
That is why oysters are such important symbols for mankind).

Ever rocking and rolling across the country-scape of dreams,

The Celestial Dungbeetle, ancient and unlimited

© Dave Kelf, 2016