Grizzly change of personal details or runner

You can use this form to advise us of various changes:

  1. Place changing hands.
    We are happy to accept changes as long as we have all of the new runner's details.
    Original entry fees were £28 Grizzly, £18 Cub Run, both plus £2 for unattached.
  2. Change of your details.
    Please only complete the fields which have changed.
  3. Change of race.
    Changing from Cub to Grizzly requires an extra £10; no refund will be given for changes from Grizzly to Cub.


Old runner  Name of the runner who originally had the place
Race  Change from Cub to Grizzly requires additional payment of £10 sent to the address above
First name
Date of birth
Address line 1
Address line 2
Address line 3
Address line 4
Country  Only if not UK
Emerg contact  Name & phone number