Grizzly change of personal details or runner

You can use this form to advise us of various changes:

  1. Place changing hands.
    We are happy to accept changes as long as we have all of the new runner's details.
    Original entry fees were £30 Grizzly, £20 Cub Run, both plus £2 for unattached.
  2. Change of your details.
    Please only complete the fields which have changed.
  3. Change of race.
    Changing from Cub to Grizzly requires an extra £10; no refund will be given for changes from Grizzly to Cub.


  • Light blue fields are required for changes of runner, others are optional.
  • The minimum age is 18 for the Grizzly and 17 for the Cub Run.
  • The form won't be checked automatically - it's your responsibility to get it right.
  • Please only complete the details necessary for the change. (e.g. if changing race then don't bother with address, etc.).
  • Submitting implies your agreement to the race rules which you must read.
  • We only need to receive further payment if changing from Cub to Grizzly. This should be received within a week of registering the change and indicate which runner(s) it's for. Cheques payable to Axe Valley Runners should be posted to The Grizzly, 23 Thomas Bassett Drive, Colyford, EX24 6PN (01297 551335).
  • Any payment between runners where numbers change hands is between the original and new holder, but a condition of entry was that this can be no more than the original entry fee (£30 Grizzly affiliated, £20 Cub Run, both plus £2 for unattached runners).
  • Please note that it is not possible for new runners to change the t-shirt size selected by the old runner on their ballot entry form.
Old runner  Name of the runner who originally had the place
Race  Change from Cub to Grizzly requires additional payment of £10 sent to the address above
First name
Date of birth
Address line 1
Address line 2
Address line 3
Address line 4
Country  Only if not UK
Emerg contact  Name & phone number