Grizzly 2016 feedback

This is a selection of the feedback we have received following Grizzly 2016.

A huge thank you to everyone involved with the 2016 Grizzly. What a superb event. This has to be by number 1 of all runs. I'm still grinning. Well done AVR !

Anyway from the offset I loved it. Every minute?. even the severe cramp of my vastus medialis going up the stairway to heaven...The weather was especially kind and the views superb. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is the furthest I have ever run in 57 years and has given me massive confidence for the London Marathon as I have found it so hard to make time to train properly.|

Please thank everyone involved in the organisation of the Grizzly today. I've never done it before and so was amazed at the wonderful support from all the marshalls and the fantastic atmosphere.| Well done to everyone for a fabulous event

Can I just say my first Grizzly and I hope not my last.| Everything from the start to the course and support were superb. Your organisation and all your marshals were spot on.| What a feat of organisation.| The challenge was great and the satisfaction of completing it enormous. A great big thank you to you and all your team.

Hats off for putting on such an awesome event today ! My first experience of the Grizzly. Massive thanks to all the Marshals, locals, bagpipe players, bands, drummers and the random guy dressed as a knight! Made a tough run entertaining and enjoyable (most of the time).

Fantastic Grizzly today. It was my first one and I was so impressed by the set up. It was a great course and many thanks to the awesome marshals.

Really great day even the weather was supportive. | I thought the marshals brilliant as ever. But the support around the course from other club members was phenomenal.|

Just wanted to say i took part yesterday it was my first time and 1st off road done the cub which to be honest was the toughest run I have ever done to date however well worth it wanted to say a big thankyou to all the organisers it was down fantastically and a big thank you to all the marshals they were absolutely amazing the support and encouragement and the laughs they gave were brilliant all in all a fantastic run and hopefully I will be able to do it again next year. Once again thank you.

Once again a suburb race, thank you so much for arranging the glorious weather as well this year. As always the people of Seaton and surrounding villages are wonderful, so many turn out to cheer, marshall, sing/ play music to help us on our way & put up with sweaty runners in their shops, holiday homes and cafes. Icing on the cake....a PB in my 7th year of Grizzlying. Look forward to no 8, ballot permitting!|

Just a quick email to say thank you for hosting another fantastic event yesterday. It was excellent. Please thank all the wonderful marshals and volunteers for their great work.

My friend Maria and I ran in the Grizzly yesterday and we wanted to say a big 'thank you' to all for such a great event. The race intro was brilliant and got us in the spirit. It was a gruelling course, but we had a great day, and were so lucky with the weather we could make the most of the splendid views on the way!| | We ache like mad today but it was all worth it. A brilliant event, and there be many more!!

22 consecutive Grizzlies done. As always, what a great run it was this year! Thank you for all your hard work. I?ll be back for number 23...Many thanks for a great run on Sunday.

Just wanted to feedback our immense gratitude to all who supported, marshalled and organised the race yesterday. A group of us travelled down from Royston and had so much fun. Everyone was so cheerful, and made the day so great, a huge thankyou! By the way we played hug a marshal all the way round...........some of your marshals might have noticed .......great sports.

Would just like to say a big thank you to all your marshalls on the Grizzly 20 yesterday what a great bunch all so happy and supportive and ready to have a laugh and joke, made it a brilliant 1st time for us. The sweets on the course and other support was great. Hope to be back next year.

Thank you to you, all your Marshalls and helpers. Special thanks must go to you for organising such great weather. Fantastic.

Thanks so much for your (and your helpers) efforts to make the Grizzly happen.| It must take a serious amount of time to bring it all together.

First of all thank you so much for the awesome race! I was a Grizzly virgin, and totally loved every minute of it.| I can?t wait to come back.| There is nothing I could fault, from the wonderful organisation, to the amazing marshals throughout the entire race, to say nothing of the community support all along the route.| It is definitely a good lesson for anyone else wishing to know what makes for a truly memorable race!

Many thanks to the several runners who pulled number 1199, Andy Goodman, out of the bog. While helping me, who was well and truly stuck, they not only inconvenienced themselves. but made problems for themselves.

Thank you everyone who organised and helped make the race the most awesome experience of a lifetime and I will do my best to do it all again next year. I am still smiling :-) thank you so much.

I just wanted to pass on huge thanks to all the people of Seaton, Beer, Branscombe for their welcome, to all the fantastic marshals who came in force and with jelly babies, the the water stations volunteers and to all the AVR the lovely organisers -and you! Great event, super organisation and fantastic spirit!

Thanks for a great race - it was my first time and despite the pain I'm in right now (decided to slide on my hands and knees down a gravel track) I'll definitely be back next year.

Hello, thank you for yet another excellent experience. It never seems to get tired as so many races do which is down to you all. Well done and thanks again to everyone involved.

Quick note to say many thanks for all who helped and supported the runs over the weekend - well organised as usual (despite last time I undertook grizzly was over 20 years ago !!!) Again many thanks for organising to you and all the volunteers for a great event and looking forward to being fit enough to undertake the full grizzly in 2017!

Thank you to all the AVR team and your numerous helpers around the course for yet another great Grizzly. I've managed to join you almost every year since 1994, although for the last two years I have had to drop down to the Cub as a result of poor fitness, and the weather this year was some of the best. Keep it up - the Grizzly has to be one of the best events ever!

Flied over for the weekend from France and had an amazing time. I loved the Town Crier. He created such an atmosphere and I was really impressed with the marshals and how polite the runners were to them. I've never seen so many jelly babies in my life. Had to take two packets back with me. The French have certainly got some things to learn from you all. Don't change anything. It was just fabulous.

 I am already in Madrid working at my office. I just wanted to say thank you for the organization and everything. I know how much time you have dedicated to set up the event. In my opinion you have done a great job! Race, atmosphere and welcoming were amazing. Please tell the rest of your team our congratulations. I don’t know yet if I coming next year but I can assure I will run it again.Thanks from Spain.

 All of us are back well in Berlin. Thank for the nice stay at Seaton and the marvellous run (incl. the weather) and the support of the marshals at the course and all the others. We want come back in 2018 like the years before.

Have to say the Grizzly was quite an amazing experience and I am grateful to you all for running such an excellent event. The marshals and supporters were fantastic and created a great atmosphere for the race throughout the course. A brilliant experience from start to finish. Thank you all very much.

 Well done to you and team for Sunday! Awesome day,  one I will never forget. You and your team have every reason to be very very proud.

 And just to let you know what a fantastic day on Sunday in ALL respects – the course/route gets more enjoyable every year (now my fourth). So a big thank

you to you and all your hard working team, it really is much appreciated

I just want to say thanks. I had a fantastic time. I am an ultra runner normally but that was a very tough but very enjoyable 20 ish miles. That was my first time but I will be back next time for sure

This is just to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU from a slow old girl who did the Cub Run for the 8th time on Sunday.  It's my favourite race of the year by far, and one day I'll have a go at the whole Grizzly and I'm sure I'll love that too.  

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in coordinating these fantastic events. The marshalling and support is amazing, something I'm certain all runners appreciated greatly.

Thank you so much to all concerned for yet another wonderful event. 

Thank you for a fantastic race. There were so many enthusiastic supporters and the marshals too so energetic in their support and so many jelly babies. It was such a fun day!  I really loved it!  Felt like skipping at the end!!!  Best time yet. Thank you x. It's such a good route, just like a hash 

Thank you so much for organising this year's event and the prior years and making the grizzly so successful.

It was a brilliant race and, as ever, very well organised. It is certainly my all time favourite race and a testament to everybody involved.  Thank you…

Thank you and your team very much, Dave. This was my first Grizzly and it was a brilliant experience. It was so well organised, the marshals were so friendly and supportive and the weather was perfect.

Fantastic event, thank you! I am one of the RDs at MudCrew and have a good idea about putting on events! The Grizzly was great! I brought a young lad from our club who is fairly new to running. He has been so excited all year. He did it in 2.48 and we are thrilled! I will be bringing him back next year all being well!

Thank you for this race. My first time running it and with not be my last.

Great event, friendly, amazing how many marshals and refreshments in such a complex course. Other races have much to learn.

Thanks for everything you've done as race director. It was first Grizzly and I absolutely loved it!

My first time Grizzly and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your club must be very proud of the well-being you bring to people, not just the runners and participants. I have also tried to pass this thanks on to every member of the club I meet.

May I just congratulate you on organizing a truly fantastic race.Entry lottery and fitness allowing will be there next year. Interesting to see if my lyrical waxing makes the 1100mile round trip insufficient deterrent for other Deeside Runners.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic race it was. Up there with my favourites. The organisation was superb and the marshals were fab. I hope we didn't freak them out by hugging them!

Thanks for putting on a great day. Thoroughly enjoyed it as I do every year. It is the highlight of our running year and always manages to get the best out of you whilst exposing all weaknesses!

This is the first time I have undertaken the Grizzly and I really enjoyed it.  Great organisation and all your marshals did you proud – they were fantastic.  There was a young lad on the top after Beer (before the campsite) on the return leg whose enjoyment was unbelievable.

Well done Dave and gang on another fantastic Grizzly it was my 12th in a row and love the run to bits.

My first time running the cub...absolutely loved it! Will definitely be signing up again. Thank you so much for all your brilliant organising.

I just wanted to add my 'Thank you' to the pile. I travelled down to do the Grizzly with a group of people from Royston, Herts and we all absolutely loved it. What an awesome race!! Incredibly well organised and a fantastic, varied  route through gloriously challenging countryside. I have a massive grin in everyone of my photos.

Thank you again for the perfect organisation. Our compliments for you, the rest of the organisation and the marshals from all Dutch Grizzly runners.

Just wanted to say thank you for a another great Grizzly weekend. I get involved with race management with my club so understand that organising this event must be an enormous task. Thank you for taking it on and making it such a success.

On behalf of our group of 32 entrants this year I wanted to express our thanks to you for directing a another wonderful and flawless Grizzly. Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Another Fantastic race.Unbelievable marshalling,organisation, support and planning.It was a Perfect day, only made possible by the momentous effort by you and all your fellow team members.Huge thanks from myself and all the other runners.

Well done on another fantastic event, pass on thanks to all who made it run so well, marshals and everyone. Grizzly on my list once again next year so look forward to entering, by whatever method. Well done once again and thank you for a great day out.

Thanks for your club putting on once again an excellent race. My wife I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Hopefully we will see you again next year.

It was my first year running the Grizzly and I absolutely loved every minute of it! I can't wait for next year. Thank you and your team very much for all the incredible hard work that must go in to pull it off.