Grizzly history

With charitable donations and t-shirt colours as far as we can recall. (Many people seem to identify each year's race by the shirt rather than the name!)

Year Donations Shirt colour Name
1988 ? None Suicide Six
1989 ? None Torment Ten
1990 ? Dark blue? Grizzly 12
1991 ? Green Hillocks and Rowlocks
1992 ? Sky blue Eye of the Storm
1993 ? White Sting of the Butterfly
1994 ? Light grey Magical Memory Jog
1995 ? Dark blue The Nightmare Returns
1996 ? Yellow Revenge of the Lemmings
1997  £1K  Royal blue Apocalypse, Yes!
1998  £3K  Grey Flight of Fancy
1999  £4K  Black Insanity and In Health
2000  £9K  Dark maroon Another Brick in the Wall
2001  £9K  Tan A Race Oddity
2002  £9K  Yellow The Joker in the Pack
2003  £9K  Purple The Jurassic Jaunt
2004  £15K  Dark blue Infinity and Beyond
2005  £17K  Off white One Thousand Steps For Mankind
2006  £18K  Red O'Limpiyak Dilemma
2007  £23K  Light green Armageddon NowHere
2008  £15K  Dark green Armageddon Again
2009  £29K  Black Trails And Tribulations
2010  £18K  Pink Beauty and the Beach
2011  £22K  Tan Valley of the Bogs
2012  £42K  Royal blue Every Hill Has A Silver Lining
2013  £30K  Orange Grime And Punishment
2014  £32K  Sky blue Withering Heights
2015  £33K Lilac

Dash To Delirium

2016  £30K Lime Green

Grin and Bear It

2017 £29K Grey

Pearl's A Stinger

> £364K 

Grand total

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