The Dungbeetle's infamous poems, the Bard Of Beers equally infamous songs and various writings by others can be found on the Grizzly writing page.

The Grizzly is featured in the anthology The Best of the Fells and in Wild Running.



2017 trailer for the official race film.

2012 trailer for the official race film.

2011 Plumstead Runners (YouTube)

2010 Plumstead Runners (Cub; YouTube).

2007 ITV Westcountry news (Dropbox but you don't need to login to view).

There are various others on You Tube which you can search for.


Replay the race
You can follow some runners' progress on an aerial view at 2010 2011. If you ran with a GPS and still have the data you can upload it and follow your own progress as well. Some of the hashes on the site make particularly fascinating viewing with all their false trails.

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