The Grizzly Runners' Dream

The Bard of Beer's Grizzly song for 1997, to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.

Should Grizzly Races be forgot
And Apocalypse be our Wall?
Should Grizzly runners mark the spot
Where the Way was shown to all?

No Race Day doubts, no hopes nor fears,
"No more," the widows cry,
"Go Run, return
Then find yourself,
Then leave the Quest," they sigh.

Should Grizzly Races be forgot
Will the Phoenix rise again?
Should Grizzly runners make a blot
On the map of hope and pain?

Farewell to friends, both old and new,
Farewell to sea and sky,
The Grizzly sleeps,
Now rest yourself,
Don't ask the reason why.

No more the beach, mud, rain or wind
No more that seagull's scream,
But we'll take that Cup of Victory, yet
In the Grizzly runners' dream.

© Richard Hale, 1997