Grizzly writing

The Dungbeetle's poems, the Bard of Beer's songs and various other writings.

Year The Dungbeetle's poems The Bard of Beer's songs Others
1992 The Pinnacle
1994 In Memory of Future Heroics
1995 The Tao of Grizzly
1996 The How of Who Waltzing The Grizzly
1997 Run the Light Fantastic The Grizzly Runners' Dream
1998 Is Grizzly Is as Grizzly Does

Grizzly Smile Time

There's A Wrong Way To Run The Grizzly

1999 It's the Grizzly, It's the Biz The Call Of The Grizzly
2000 Down in the Grizzly Groove Carry You Home Grizzly 2000 by Sue Rix
2001 The Inner-Space Race Songs Of The Grizzly

Grizzly 2001 by Tom Woodman

Ode To The Grizzly by Jacqueline Wadsworth

A Grizzly Corklick by Tom Scriven

2002 Joker on the Rack (Still, We Run) Grid

Grizzly 2002 by Tom Woodman

Grizzly 2002 by Derek Matthews

2003 Our Running Heritage Grizzly Mar'lane
2004 Stunning Running The Wild Grizzly
2005 The Grizzly Labyrinth The Clean, Clean Grass Of Home

Scenery with a Sting

Running With Angels

Grizzly Bay
2007 Armageddon Shipwrecked
2008 Armageddon Again
2009 By Trail and Tribulation 1
2010 Take Me - to "The Beauty and the Beach"

"Into the Valley of the Bogs" Cried the Two Thousand

The Riddlesome Track

The Charge of the Griz Brigade by LMRB & Martin White

The Cub Runner Who Went The Wrong Way by Terry Braverman


A Grizzly Celebration

Grizzly This, Grizzly That and Grizzly T'Other

A Dickens of a Race! by Rob Hadgraft


The Trial - by Trail and Tribulation 2

Grime and Punishment

2014 Withering Heights
2015 Dashing to Delirium
2016 The Calling
2017 Pearl's a Stinger
2018 May The (Grizzly) Force Be With You
2019 Tales of the Unexpected