Club nights

This is a summary of what you can expect on each club night but check the calendar for any changes.

Our ability terminology is roughly fast > intermediates > improvers > beginners/slower. The terms aren't very precise or necessarily accurate (e.g. "improvers" aren't necessarily getting faster) but they are useful handles to give a general idea of what abilities each session or group is aimed at.

Please speak to one of the club captains or Lesley via the contact page if you feel that your needs aren't being met, or if you have suggestions for club nights.


For all abilities, including juniors (11-16).

Almost always Seaton scout hall at 6:30pm but any changes should be communicated in the Weekahead.

Handicap: Nominally the first non-bank holiday Monday in each month but is changed if Garry will be away then so check the calendar. The slower two groups run as normal on these nights.

Matt's group: 7-8 miles at 6.5-8 min/mile with a few loop-backs.

Eleanor's group: 7-8 miles at 7.5-9 min/mile, a few rests/regroups, some looping back for faster runners. Occasional speed sessions, hill reps or lamp post reps, generally in the winter. Ideally always take on- and off-road shoes in case the weather changes a planned session. (May be split in some way if numbers dictate now that the alternative intermediates group has been stopped.)

Chris and Carol's group: led by Chris Hill assisted by Carol Austin. This group sits between Eleanor and Robert’s groups and will aim to cover 6-7 miles at 8/10 minute miles depending on the terrain. Chris is hoping for a mix of on and off road with a tendency towards off road.

Robert's group: 5-6 miles at 8.5-10.5 min/mile with short regroups; quirky loops for faster runners. On- or off-road dependent upon weather and light conditions. A mixed gender and age, sociable group welcoming anyone wishing to improve themselves, with plenty of team spirit, encouragement & support. Some of the group will be aiming to complete 10K or half marathon races.

Dave & Amie's group: Aimed at people who aren't beginners but not fast enough to move up. About 5 miles at 10-11 min/mile with occasional brief rests/groups as necessary.

Gill & Janet's group: Aim to run 3-4 miles at 11-12.5 min/mile with occasional brief rests, some looping back for the quicker runners. Routes are on- and off-road depending on weather. A mixed gender group with varied age range; very friendly and encouraging. We welcome new members.


Jon's group

Aimed at improvers and faster.

Seaton tramway at 6:30pm. Runs alternate each week on- and off-road with rest stops and faster runners looping back or running extra long sections. No one left behind, supportive & encouraged running.

Long reps

Aimed at moderate to fast runners. Not actually a formal AVR session since it's done with many non-members.

Various locations (Axminster, Seaton, Lyme, etc.) at 5:30pm for reps, typically 700-1600m.


Aimed at intermediates.

Normally rotate through car parks in Axminster (Co-op), Beer (Peco), Colyton and Musbury (church) although occasional other venues, always at 6:30pm. 7-8 miles at a 7.5-9min/mile, a few rest/regroups, some looping back for faster runners. 


Aimed at beginners and slower runners.

Seaton tramway at 6:30pm. Taken by experienced runners and tailored to the ability of the group. Designed to encourage progress without feeling under undue pressure. Usually run/walk 2-3 miles with shortcuts if needed.