Club awards

  • Annual awards (seniors made at the Christmas dinner, juniors at the last session before summer break).
  • The Special Sole Award is a trophy awarded monthly by the leaders of each different running group. The sole itself was found in Hole bog having been lost by an unfortunate Grizzly runner!  We are lucky to have six main running groups within Axe Valley Runners. Each of the group leaders will choose a member twice a year, with the winners being announced on the first Monday of each month

    1)  Steady & Beginners combined     Gill & Janet nominate          January & July
    2)  Improvers                                      Amy & Dave nominate        February & August
    3)  Alternative Improvers                    Roberts nominates              March & September
    4)  Steady Intermediates                    Chris & Carole nominate     April & October
    5)  Intermediates                                Eleanor nominates              May & November
    6)  Fast Group                                    Matt nominates                   June & December