New members

Welcome to AVR. We hope that running with us will be fun and satisfying for you.

Your group leader(s), the committee and indeed many other members can hopefully answer any questions you may have so don't be afraid to ask in person on a club night, via email/Facebook or the main website's contact form.

Details of club night structure can be found via the link in the menu above.

Distribution of personal information

Unless you request to the contrary on your membership form (or subsequently), your contact information (name, address, email and phone) will be made available to other members via a spreadsheet which is circulated to all members once or twice a year (after renewal closing date and sometimes a few months later). You can choose that only certain information be distributed if you like (e.g. email but not phone or address).

Note that your name will always be included on the list unless you very explicitly request it to be omitted.


Note that the club's insurance only covers us against public liability claims and is not a personal accident policy which you should take out yourself if you need it (not that we're aware of anyone doing so).


Members' mailing list:  Unless they request to the contrary, all members are subscribed to the main email list to which all members can post. There is little traffic, a regular Sunday evening "Weekahead" what's-happening-cum-newsletter and occasionally one or two other posts. This is the club's sole formal communication channel. Some things may be posted on Facebook as well or instead but all important club matters are disseminated via this list. Note that your email address will be visible to others if you post something.

Reports mailing list: Our press officer, Dave Mutter, sends a report of race results, etc. to the local media, all members (unless they ask to be excluded) and various other interested parties on Monday mornings.

Facebook: There are three AVR-related groups:

Calendar: Our club calendar has details of forthcoming club nights, our races and a few other events.


Many running shops give members a 10% discount upon showing your membership card.

Leisure East Devon give us discounted monthly membership (£31.50 rather than £35) and also waive the £25 joining fee.

England Athletics/UK Athletics affiliation

There is much confusion about EA/UKA affiliation and entry fees, even among established runners.

Most races have a permit by which they get public liability insurance cover. (Some are covered by the organising group's general insurance policy, others buy cover directly from an insurer and few, particularly small, low-key events, may not be insured at all.)

Races with EA/UKA permits have to charge £2 more for runners who are not individually affiliated to EA which currently costs £14/year (but going up year-on-year). The races require you to specify your EA number as proof of your affiliation.

However, all of our own races, those at which we help and many others get permits from ARC (the Association of Running Clubs), an organisation which exists purely to provide insurance cover for clubs and races without all the red tape associated with EA permits. ARC-permitted races have to charge the extra £2 only for runners who are not members of a club affiliated to ARC or EA.

The logic behind unaffiliated runners' levies is theoretically that clubs organise most races so runners who aren't members don't contribute to the running scene as much as those who do. This is complete rot In East Devon where many races are organised by, or at least depend upon for most of their manpower, runners who aren't members of a club or non-runners.

The bottom line is that individual affiliation is optional, there is no financial benefit unless you expect to do more than (currently) 7 EA-permitted races per year, and very few AVRs bother with it.