Grizzly 1988 - Suicide Six

Thanks to Kevin Clancy of Chard RRC for these results.
First names added where known.

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
134:45S AnningChard RRCM0111134:45
237:03R StennerCrewkerne RCM4221237:03
337:05Mike HewerAxe Valley RunnersM8331337:05
438:28M CoxAxe Valley RunnersM12442438:28
539:40Neil BarrettAxe Valley RunnersM15553639:40
640:09D PitmanChard RRCM19662740:09
740:35Clive HarwoodCrewkerne RCM23772840:35
840:53Kevin HawkerAxe Valley RunnersM27884940:53
941:04Dave PressleySouth West RRM319911041:04
1042:05P OwensSouth West RRM35101021142:05
1142:15P McGreelSouth West RRM38111131242:15
1242:49T GordonCrewkerne RCM42121231342:49
1343:34D GudgeChard RRCM46131331543:34
1443:52Kevin ClancyChard RRCM50141441643:52
1543:54Ian GuiseAxe Valley RunnersM54151551743:54
1643:56P BannerChard RRCM58161651843:56
1744:03Paul MorganAxe Valley RunnersM62171761944:03
1844:18G CleaverSouth West RRM65181842044:18
1944:34C ChalmersSouth West RRM69191952144:34
2044:38Phil SaywoodSouth West RRM73202062244:38
2145:21Dave KelfAxe Valley RunnersM77212172345:21
2245:23A PotterAxe Valley RunnersM81222282445:23
2346:15D SmithChard RRCM85232362546:15
2447:02E McLaughlinChard RRCM88242472647:02
2548:49J BryanSouth West RRF921171443:26
2651:24N PeddingChard RRCM96252582751:24
2744:25Emma GuerinAxe Valley RunnersF100229539:31Short course