Umborne Ug 2008

Sunday 11th May

PosTimeNameClubCatPos withinGradedRemarks
10:43:12Garry PerrattAxe Valley Runners01
20:47:00Phil BaylissAxe Valley Runners22
30:47:08Bernard FryAxe Valley Runners43
40:49:08Benjamin HallArmyAA51
50:49:14Ben ChestersSidmouth RC71
60:49:16Justin HoltAxe Valley Runners94
70:49:24Robbie HoltAxe Valley Runners115
80:50:18Steve HurleyCrewkerne RC121
90:50:50Chris KeeffeAxe Valley Runners146
100:52:01Derek ComerYeovil Town RRC161
110:53:52Elaine PriestCrewkerne RC182
120:54:07Richard HaleAxe Valley Runners207
130:55:17Paul JohnsAxe Valley Runners218
140:55:54Ceri OakHoniton RC231
150:56:42Bruce StrawbridgeHoniton RC252
160:57:25Steve DaveyHoniton RC273
170:57:45Chris IrvingAxe Valley Runners299
180:58:05Judy DaveyHoniton RC304
190:58:24Andrew SayersAxe Valley Runners3210
200:58:55Ken PriestCrewkerne RC343
210:58:59Colin PikeAxe Valley Runners3611
220:59:03Guy Morgan38
230:59:08Emma KiernanAxe Valley Runners3912
240:59:11John BurgessHoniton RC415
251:00:21Simon HallHoniton RC436
261:00:39Greg AxselHoniton RC457
271:01:04Malcolm HallHoniton RC468
281:01:09Sue CampbellAxe Valley Runners4813
291:02:58Warren OakHoniton RC509
301:03:32Dave MutterAxe Valley Runners5214
311:04:01Steve ReynoldsAxe Valley Runners5415
321:04:06Claire PomeroyHoniton RC5510
331:04:17Nick ThorpeHoniton RC5711
341:06:12Kay Smith59
351:06:13Alistair Smith61
361:06:24Joseph RogersAxe Valley Runners6216
371:07:28Julian DaviesAxe Valley Runners6417
381:08:34Jonathan DayAxe Valley Runners6618
391:09:56Rebecca CreeseAxe Valley Runners6819
401:11:06Marion BroomHoniton RC7012
411:12:05Pete LyusHoniton RC7113
421:12:34Tracey Sparks73
431:12:34Harriet Cann75
441:13:17Jen Jacklin77
451:13:34Margaret PearceMums On The Run791
461:17:40Vanessa Glyn JonesHoniton RC8014
471:18:50Valerie HalesYeovil Town RRC822
481:21:31Debbie BarryAxe Valley Runners8420
491:21:34Michael Barry86
501:22:39Annie ThurgoodMums On The Run882
511:22:39Ronnie BarrandMums On The Run893
521:25:17Dave IrtbandOtter Valley H3911
531:25:17Ruth ChestersSidmouth RC932
541:52:16Tracey StrawbridgeHoniton RC9515
551:52:16Lucy Mumford96
562:07:00Harry MooreAxe Valley Runners9821
572:07:00Stephen Atkins100