May The (Grizzly) Force Be With You

The Dungbeetle's Grizzly poem for 2018.

There is a sense of trepidation in the air
the fearsome Grizzly is upon the vague horizon once again,
the runners only too aware
of what’s at risk; this endurance test
is bound to take them to the very edge of zest.
A repetitious mantra etched across their view
an encouraging refrain echoes round the common brain :
“May the Course be All-ways with You”,
a rhythmic, pulsing chant, leaving - more than just a muddy stain.
An endless stream of runners winds across the view
up and down the steepest hills, through bogs and woods
they run and stumble, walk and crawl; a ghostly crew
from running clubs (and none) across the land
proving to themselves, what only they can understand;
from anonymity to comradeship, an honest running band.
A repetitious mantra etched across their minds
an encouraging refrain beats like a shingle drum :
“ May the Course be All-ways with You”,
a rhythmic, pulsing chant, with which they'll all become entwined.
The finish draws them onwards - moth-like, they've given of they best.
at last they know they will survive this grizzly, molten test
of limbs and mind in stubborn-ness, in riddle and in jest
that they will overcome the torment and the noise
will finish - shattered but with a new-found poise.
The Voice is quiet, the choice is over
the runners sink into a blissful rest, dreaming that
a giant once walked the face of Earth, following a cunning Plan :
“May the (Grizzly) Force be All-ways be with You”,
like a silent, starry roar across an endless space,
leaving nothing; nothing but the barest trace
beyond the race of man

© Dave Kelf, 2017