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Darktime Series (very informal evening off-road races)
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Club champs (based on the East Devon Community Race series) 2009 - 2008

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Juniors ran with the seniors until 2004.

There have been (at least) four versions of route with slightly different distances and climbs so times aren't exactly comparable between all years. However, the known variations are as follows, with "equivalent flat distance" assuming 1,000' climb is equivalent to 1m distance to allow an approximate comparison of times:
Route Distance Climb Equiv
Current out & back since Sep 2010 3.57m 50' 3.62m
Double loop (Scalwell Lane-Valley View-Harepath Rd-Drovers Way) ?2006 - Sep 2010 3.62m 100' 3.72m
Single loop (same route as tennis club loop but from the scout hut) 3.32m 160' 3.48m
SIngle loop from the tennis club until somewhere between 1998 & 2002. 3.50m 170' 3.67m

The tennis club loop had two variations. Intially Court Lane-current route to Fisherman's Gap-Castle Hill-down Beer Road-Queen Street-Harepath Road-Court Lane. At some point we started going part way down Manor Road and along Meadow Road to avoid pedestrians outside the Co-op on Harepath Road, but the distance was the same.

The route when we were based at the football club was similar to the tennis club one.


The scoring system has also changed many times. Originally, only the first 5 finishers got position-related points but that had changed to the first 10 by 2003 and the first 20 by 2008. All runs originally counted but just the best 10 by 2008. Since 2009, it's been the best 8 for juniors while for the seniors it changed to 8 in 2010, back to 10 in 2011 and down to 9 in 2014. The number of scoring runs can make a big difference to the results.